On 23rd November, 2005 Society “Skalbes” was awarded “A status of Social benefit.

The society is a voluntary formation established to accomplish the non-profit objective set out in the articles of association..

The said status of social benefit enables tax discounts for donors:: In line with the amendments to Article 20 of “Law on Corporate Tax” residents and permanent representatives are entitled to a 85% tax discount from any amounts donated to budgetary institutions as well as to societies, establishments and religious organisations or branches thereof registered in the Republic of Latvia provided that the said have been awarded a status of social benefit under law on Social benefit organisations.

Donation account for the Crisis Centre Unit “Skalbes” of Society “Skalbes”

Association “Skalbes” (Association=Biedrība)
Terbatas street 69, Riga, LV-1001
Phone: +371 24551700
Reg. No.:40008017804
Swedbank A/S
Account Nr. LV37HABA0551031257795

You may donate for:
– Crisis hotline;
– Support groups for female victims of domestic violence;
– Psychologist consultations;
– Purchase of equipment for children consultation premises;
– Premise furnishing.