General information
Association “Skalbes” was established in 1997. The operation of the organisation is aimed at providing confidential assistance to individuals at risk requiring emotional support as well provision of assistance to victims of violence.

The principal objective is to perform society functions while remaining politically, religiously and nationally neutral thus becoming available to a number of social groups. Today, the principal activities of the society include provision of:

  • A unique 24/7  helpline in Latvia for both children and adults 
  • An individual and group consultations, seminars, programmes on a number of issues for both adults and children.


Emotional support and risk group counselling.
The activities of the society include provision of consultation for individuals at risk of violence, suffering from depression, thoughts of suicide as well as for persons experiencing loneliness, bereavement, bulimia, alcohol addiction, drugs or problems in family or among relatives.

Our organisation is committed to providing expert advice and emotional support for persons at risk. Additionally to the principal activities, we also implement a number of prevention and awareness programmes aimed at reducing and preventing various risks and situations of crisis.

We also organise a series of workshops and consultations for victims of harassment at work and violence, as well as we implement a number of motivational activities for various social groups including parents with disabled children, persons take caring of sick family member; disabled persons; large families and single parent families, retired and pre-retirement age persons etc.

Combating violence
Violence remains one of the most pressing issues within our field of operation. Since 1999, we have been implementing a series of programmes and hotline counselling in an effort to prevent domestic violence, protect the rights and victims of violence. The following services are available to victims of physical, sexual and mental abuse etc.:

  • Hotline counselling to assist overcoming emotional situation;
  • Legal and procedural advice for companies; 
  • Private and group counselling;
  • Workshops for victims of violence,
  • Specifically designed workshops for instigators of violence.

Consultants staff
The operations of “Skalbes” are effectively performed by a number of paid employees and around 20 volunteers. Volunteers providing services on behalf of the organisation are trained and duly authorised to meet the highest European and worldwide standards.  Most of the staff is master students from Department of Psychology.
In the meantime, “Skables” welcomes everyone, who feels that they could contribute to the organisation. We kindly welcome you to join our friendly team, should you sincerely feel that you could be beneficial to our cause.
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