The crisis center “Skalbes” has received thousands of calls from people in crisis situations this year. The reasons most often cited for people’s crises include relationship problems with relatives and children; addictions; patterns of violence; loneliness; and financial problems. Hundreds of callers were considering or had already decided to commit suicide when they called the hotline to receive help. The forum will be analogous to It will serve to raise awareness, address common issues and give people another resource in their struggle against suicide and depression.
Nathan Stodghill is 23 years old. He attended the Missouri University of Science & Technology, graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Nuclear Engineering. He was a cast member on MTV’s hit reality show “The Real World: San Diego.” A close friend’s decision to take his own life moved Nathan Stodghill to open, a forum which allows people to share their problems, receive information about suicide, and learn how to help others. During his visit to Latvia with support from the crisis center “Skalbes” and the U.S. Embassy in Riga, he participated in the “Stāsti un dzīvo!” promotional campaign to raise awareness about suicide. He also presented to open the forum , and to participate in discussions in Latvian schools, at the University of Latvia, and elsewhere.
Taking into account the stream of immigration from Latvia highly we raise awareness about those, who have already left the country, are isolated, lonely and haven’t opportunity to contact emotional support helpline and to get help on their native language. Thus, forum is possibility to get consultations, to express their worries and get help through the internet forum. We are trying to do our best to help those who are in trouble.